Emeritus Member Information & Qualifications

Emeritus Membership Overview

The Compressed Gas Association, Inc. (CGA) Emeritus Member program has been designed to recognize and express appreciation to retired members for their contributions and commitment to the association. Emeritus membership allows members in good standing who are retiring from the industry to maintain a connection with CGA and their industry peers. This program also allows CGA committees and staff to maintain contact with the industry’s leading subject matter experts to access their substantial knowledge base.

Emeritus Membership Qualifications

Emeritus Members must be fully retired from industry employment or CGA staff, i.e., not employed by, acting as a consultant or independent contractor for, or otherwise professionally engaged by any organization or association related to the industry. Applicants must have been in good standing with CGA at the time of their retirement. The participant must obtain approval from the Official Representative of the company from which they retired. CGA reserves the right to review and revoke Emeritus Member status for any program participant and any time.

Prospective Emeritus Members shall submit an application to CGA for review and approval. Emeritus Members shall not pay membership dues.

Emeritus Member Benefits

Emeritus Members are entitled to the following benefits:

  • subscription to CGA’s newsletter; and
  • invitation to attend Annual Meeting and Canadian Annual Meeting social events (i.e., receptions, luncheons, safety awards banquet, keynote speaker, sporting events).

Please contact CGA at CGA@cganet.com or +1.703.788.2700 for more information.

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