P-2.7: Guideline for the Safe Storage, Handling, and Use of Small Portable Liquid Oxygen Systems in Health Care Facilities

This publication applies only to liquid oxygen systems in the following categories:
• small base reservoir unit systems providing supplemental oxygen therapy for individual patients;
• systems used by health care facility staff when moving patients within the facility; and
• ambulatory systems for an individual patient within a health care facility.

This publication does not apply to larger portable liquid oxygen systems that can be attached to distribution piping in a remote area of the healthcare facility. See NFPA 99, Standard for Health Care Facilities, and CGA SB-26, Cylinder Connections on Portable Liquid Cryogenic Cylinders, for further information regarding the storage, handling, and use of these types of containers.

The purpose of this publication is to describe the recommended precautions and safety procedures to be followed when liquid oxygen systems are used within health care facilities. Mishandling of oxygen presents potential hazards to both trained and untrained persons. It is therefore important that personnel who assume the responsibility for oxygen equipment and its use be familiar with the hazards of oxygen, the operational characteristics of the equipment, and the precautions to be observed while using it.
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September 2018, reaffirmed September 2023
Available To the Public
7 pages
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Reaffirmed 2023
2008 edition referenced by NFPA
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