P-31: Liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Argon Cryogenic Tanker Loading Systems

This publication describes requirements for new installations designed and constructed after date of publication used for the loading of oxygen, nitrogen, or argon as cryogenic liquids. This publication may be used for existing cryogenic liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, and liquid argon loading systems. However, application of this publication may benefit existing installations or those in the project phase. Furthermore, to the extent that they exist, national laws may supersede the practices included in this publication. All local regulations, tests, safety procedures, or methods are not included in this publication and abnormal or unusual circumstances can warrant additional requirements.

This publication covers cryogenic liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, and liquid argon tanker loading systems for loading by gravity, pressure, or pump filling. It covers the design of the tanker loading systems and the period of time and activities between when a tanker enters the filling area and when it departs from the filling area.

This publication focuses on the factors affecting the transfer of oxygen, nitrogen, and argon as cryogenic liquids between a source and appropriately designed tankers used for the transportation of these products. The source can be either a storage tank or directly from the plant.

This publication does not cover cryogenic rail cars nor does it cover tankers unloading at a customer station or other user location.

This publication is written for designers, owners, and operators of cryogenic liquid tanker loading systems.
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February 2021
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11 pages
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