P-48: Reciprocating Cryogenic Pumps and Pump Installations for Oxygen, Argon, and Nitrogen

Reciprocating cryogenic pumps have become key components within the industrial gas industry handling primarily, liquid oxygen, argon, and nitrogen. To ensure that pumps operate both safely and reliably, it is important that pumps are correctly designed, installed, operated, and maintained for the required duty.

Pumping cryogenic fluids is accompanied by some degree of hazard. The hazards include liquid under pressure, cryogenic temperatures, volume and pressure increases due to vaporization, and the ability of oxygen to accelerate combustion.

This publication gives guidance to manage these hazards.

This publication is intended to cover cryogenic reciprocating pumps and installations for liquid oxygen, argon, and nitrogen.

The publication contains a summary of industrial practices and is based on the combined knowledge, experience, and practices of industrial gas and equipment suppliers.

Carbon dioxide pumps are not covered in this publication. For information regarding carbon dioxide pumps, see CGA G-6.3, Carbon Dioxide Cylinder Filling and Handling Procedures or EIGA Doc 83, Recommendations for Safe Filling of CO2 Cylinders and Bundles.

Centrifugal liquid oxygen pumps are not covered in this publication. See CGA G-4.7, Stationary Electric-Motor-Driven Centrifugal Liquid Oxygen Pumps [3].

The design and installation requirements and recommendations included in this publication apply only to installations begun after the publication date and not to existing installations. However, the information contained in this publication may benefit existing installations or those in the project phase. Furthermore, to the extent that they exist, national laws supersede the suggested practices listed in this publication. It should not be assumed that every local standard, test, safety procedure, or method is contained in these recommendations or that abnormal or unusual circumstances may not warrant additional requirements or procedures.

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October 2021
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