S-1.1: Pressure Relief Device Standards-Part 1-Cylinders for Compressed Gases

This standard applies to the selection of PRDs for a single component compressed gas in cylinders. For selection of PRDs for compressed gas mixtures in cylinders, see CGA S-7, Standard Method for Selecting Pressure Relief Devices for Compressed Gas Mixtures in Cylinders.

This standard does not cover PRD requirements for CTC/DOT-4L and TC-4LM insulated cylinders containing cryogenic liquids, see CGA S-1.2, Pressure Relief Device Standards—Part 2—Portable Containers for Compressed Gases. This standard does not cover PRD requirements for multi-unit tank car tanks (DOT106A/TC106A and DOT110A-W/TC110A), see 49 CFR 179.300-15 and CGSB 43.147, Construction, Modification, Qualification, Maintenance, and Selection and Use of Means of Containment for the Handling, Offering for Transport, or Transporting of Dangerous Goods by Rail, as appropriate.

This standard includes tables that provide information pertaining to PRDs.

For PRD standards for bulk transport containers and stationary storage containers, see CGA S-1.2 and CGA S-1.3, Pressure Relief Device Standards—Part 3—Stationary Storage Containers for Compressed Gases [6, 8].

Previous edition cited in 49 CFR. Previous edition cited in 29 CFR.
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February 2022
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